Legacy of the Azure Torch

Rivenror As Told by Evraen

Me Evraen no know how to write right, so me Evraen talk it.

Me Evraen and him Cliffy and him Holt goed to the stockade and get the talk out of the Goblin. But him not tell us nothing so we tried to take the talk from him anyway.

Him Cliffy who writes the boring poetry tried to tell Red Hand Goblin that lifes were at steak. Him talk nice, and Red Hand Goblin say Sinruth make lots of trouble at Bryndol. Me Evraen no know who Him Sinruth is, but me Evraen not say it.

Then Him Holt with the psionic powers started seeing him Goblins Brain with eyes and reading him Goblins Brain like book…me Evraen thinks. Me Evraen try it, but Evraen no know how it works. Holt really good at it and him Goblin say “Get out!” It remind me Evraen of her Illybra, the rude book in Elf forest.

Then Me Evraen thought of really good idea too. Evraen tell Goblin that him Sinruth rude and nasty and treat me Evraen and other people with lies and backstabes. Me Evraen no know if Goblin fooled, but then he give us the talk and tell us prisoners trapped in big cage house called Rivenror. Him Cliffy and him Holt go to Rivenror and me Evraen go too. Then me Evraen throw tomato at Goblin’s eyeball. Me Evraen also eat tomatos on ground, but him Holt say no do it because dirty. Dirty never stopped me Evraen before so eated it anyway.

Us go to shops to get things. Fancy people also give us coin. Potion shop was nobody there. Me Evraen tried sneaking a potion, but him Holt see and no do it. Him Holt sees everything, me thinking.

We goed over long mountain for sun come up and go down and again and again and again. Then we see big cage house Rivenror. Me Evraen hate cages and not want to go inside…but him Cliffy have big silver platter to keep me Evraen safe so Me Evraen stay close to him when fight like before!

The door in ground was locked to go inside. Me Evraen know Rivenror big cage house, so start to get the jitters real bad. When unlock door in ground, Evraen go down stairs and see two Goblins with why’d you shoot me Evraen’s in hand. So me Evraen shoot first, and make them mad, but us kill them good!

Lots of goblins everywhere in big cage house Rivenror! Also creepy big doors with breathing big things. Me Evraen no go in there because afraid I’d dead! But him Holt lead and tell where to shoot big red monsters good.

Then us see Sartanian! Him Sartanian and Holt friends, me Evraen thinks. Him old and have broken glasses because only over one eyeball.

We find other cage people too. Me Evraen let them out which me very good at. We also see big yellow sticky thingie with no brain, and find lost thingies Bryndol lost. Us kill lots of Goblins and me Evraen stabed em dead real good! Sartanian say good to be sure, even though Cliffy only want to kill a little bit sometimes.

Then us see lady chained to rock and big doggy rats come to bite us! Cliffy got bited and lady bited long time too, even after us kill them! Us go back to Bryndol and take the cage people and the lost thingies with us.

That’s a lot of talking for now and me Evraen trired. Oh! Me Evraen also drawed me up us getting the talk out of the Goblin in Bryndol stockade! Me Evraen drawed it up real good! See?image.jpg


ElementalAjah ferroth

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