Legacy of the Azure Torch

The Story So Far: Rescue at Rivenroar (Part 2)

Where an unconventional city official presents an offer of employment

The following morning, the citizens and guards of Brindol are solemnly assessing the damage and tallying their losses from the hobgoblins’ attack. The three adventurers are recuperating from their trials at one of the remaining inns in town when a messenger named Alys arrives with a missive. The message is from Councilman Eoffram Troyas, and It is an invitation to meet with him at his office at the Brindol town hall. Holt and Cliffton realize that this is the same local official who originally sent out the call to arms for adventurers and mercenaries which led them to Brindol in the first place. Evraen, strangely drawn to the other two adventurers and curious where this will all lead, decides to join Holt and Cliffton as they prepare to meet this official.

At the town hall, the three are shown to Troyas’ office where the councilman is waiting. He greets them and offers some wine before getting directly down to business. Troyas explains that the hobgoblin attacks have been worrying the council for some time, but that the rest of the council has been unable to come to a decision on how to proceed. Troyas’ call for mercenary help was technically done without the council’s approval, but in light of the recent attack he is certain he can get enough of the rest of the council on his side if the adventurers are able to get results. The adventurers take the hint that the councilman is asking for proof of their ability to deliver. They each introduce themselves and expound on or demonstrate their respective talents. Seemingly impressed, Troyas offers them an advance on their pay and promises the rest if they can complete their mission.

Troyas then explains that the attack yesterday seems to have been a diversion. While the main hobgoblin forces attacked Brindol, a number of smaller strike teams struck into the town’s heart, pillaging a war museum called the Hall of Great Valor. The Hall housed a number of historical artifacts from the War of the Red Hand, many of which the hobgoblins made off with. Aside from this theft, the hobgoblins also kidnapped six citizens of Brindol as well as the captain of the city watch. The adventurers agree with the councilman that the hobgoblins’ goal must have been to demoralize the rest of the town by these losses, and Eoffram tells them that their main job is to rescue as many kidnapped citizens and recover as many stolen artifacts as possible. The three agree, and Eoffram lists each of the missing citizens and looted items.

Kidnapped Citizens

  • Jalissa, an elven acolyte of Ioun
  • Sertanian, the caretaker of the Hall of Great Valor
  • Mirtala, a well-liked cook
  • Zerriksa, an elderly woman and recluse with a reputation as a witch
  • Adronsius, the dwarven owner of the local alchemy and potion shop
  • Kartenix, the captain of the city watch of Brindol
  • Thurann, the 12-year-old son of Kartenix

Stolen Artifacts

  • An ornate, gilded dragoncrest helm
  • A ceremonial platinum longsword
  • A set of three shields with the Red Hand insignia, each with a charred hole near the center
  • A set of iron gauntlets with extensive filigree
  • A heraldic battle standard depicting two hands clasped in a handshake

Troyas then suggests that the adventurers might start by heading to the stockade in the town square. It seems as though one of the hobgoblin raiders was captured during the attack and is now being held prisoner while awaiting trial. Eoffram believes that this hobgoblin may be persuaded to reveal the location of the hobgoblins main camp, which is most likely where the hostages and stolen artifacts are being kept.


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